.Net & SharePoint Portal

With the emergence of Microsoft .NET technology as one of the robust frameworks for versatile application development, we have outlined and developed best practices for application development using this technology.

Advance Infotech .Net & Sharepoint Portal  CoE is a team of Microsoft Technology experts which promote collaboration and best practices in order to assist business adoption of  solutions by establishing and governing information architecture, defining platform strategy, addressing challenges and evolving SharePoint practice/development to economize delivery of SharePoint solutions while mitigating ever increasing security, privacy, regulatory and compliance risks. 

Advance Infotech’s Centre of Excellence for Microsoft solutions to provide end to end solutions for diverse clientele. We cater to customer requirements in the portal implementation areas. Our proven capabilities in .Net & SharePoint portal implementation help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search. This accelerates shared business processes facilitating information sharing across boundaries for better business insight.

Our Capabilities in Microsoft Technologies:

Sharepoint Portal

Strategic Consulting 

We work closely with our customers to address their business objectives in the areas of content distribution, document management and team collaboration. We offer services on both Windows SharePoint services (WSS) or SharePoint Server (SPS).

Portal Development Lifecycle

Combining our assessment of SharePoint implementation requirements with a broad bandwidth of world class and cost effective technical and functional skills makes a powerful leverage point for our customers. 

Portal Prototyping or Proof of Concept

We offer quick and easy service offering that can provide a prototype implementation of SharePoint Portal Server in a relatively short duration of time. The experiences gained from early prototyping can be used to produce a full project specification thus helping to avoid unnecessary expenditure during later development.

Development Tools and methodologies

We have proven expertise in using SharePoint server SDK and Windows SharePoint Services SDK resulting in rapid development and implementation.