Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

The key to a successful offshore delivery model is the customer’s perception of how value is created. The customer needs to gain a comfort level while retaining a sense of control.
An Offshore Development Center is a dedicated development center located in India for software development, testing and support activity. The purpose is behind an ODC is to take advantages of the technological know-how available in India, cost advantages and the reduced time to market.
Advance Infotech offers the following distinct models of customer engagement to address a specific level of preparedness. Together, they offer you a wide spectrum of transparent, flexible and responsive outsourcing relationships to choose from – as also a ladder for scalability.
Offshore Development:
Advance Infotech carries out the entire software development at their own premises in India as per the functional requirements defined by the customer. A detailed project plan comprising milestones, guidelines and schedules is evolved and customer’s approval is obtained. The customer retains control over the project through daily interaction thru emails, regular calls, status reviews, project reports etc.
Onsite Development:
Advance Infotech Inc depute the required skilled developers to customer premises, where the entire software development is carried out under customer’s supervision and day-to-day interaction. The onsite placement may be a short-term requirement of a few weeks/months, or may extend over a longer duration of a few years. This model is recommended where the project scope is evolving, the work involved is interactive in nature, or the customer needs to augment its own team.
Onsite/Offshore Combination:
In this model, work related to identification of exact requirements, system design, initial project planning etc is done onsite, while the coding and testing takes place offshore.