Offshore Delivery Model

In our Offshore Delivery Model, the entire project is accomplished in our well established  India Development Center. Advance Infotech has a dedicated team of specialists equipped with up-to-date resources and exposure to the latest technologies and platforms, working as representatives of your brand name. The model ensures low costs with services at the finest quality.
Advance Infotech Inc., undertakes delivery projects where the entire service delivery is undertaken at our offshore Development Center at India. Clients deal directly with our offshore team. Once the initial onsite interaction involving requirement study, understanding and finalization for scope of work is done, Advance Infotech  maintains only a skeletal presence at the client’s site so as to ensure that there are no gaps in communication. At this juncture, the focus shifts to The Offshore Team at India where entire project delivery is managed. Project updates are shared at regular intervals so that there is a clear understanding on the status of the projects, and any doubts and clarifications required etc can be addressed.
Offshore outsourcing is the best option when the client expects to a series of projects, where delivery is critical to achieving business objectives and the same needs to be done at affordable costs. The Offshore Development Center functions as a dedicated unit catering specifically to the clients’ needs and requirements, thereby enabling Advance Infotech Inc., to provide the best possible results to our clients.

Advance Infotech Inc, believes in a partnership engagement model where we work as an extension of your team and strive to deliver value to your business.  Our commitment to our clients has led to highly successful alliances with vendors globally. These strategic relationships enable us to offer sustainable  solutions to clients with diverse business interests and requirements.

Advantages of Offshore Delivery Model:
Reduced Costs:

Advantage of low labor cost, which will be reflected in drastic reduction in the overall costs. Clients can get high quality work from the quality offshore resources
Turn around Time
The turnaround time is probably one of the most significant benefits you are likely to encounter. Considering time zone differences and the fact that our teams operate round the clock, we are likely to improve your turnover time by 50%. We understand how critical time is and therefore partner up with our clients and utilize this advantage to our mutual benefit.
No extra Expense:                             
Client doesn’t have to worry about the expensive infrastructure to complete the task and the tedious resource management.
24/7 Productivity:
Project is not affected by time-zone difference. Our scheduling ensures that we have teams working round the clock.
Virtual Teams
Advance Infotech Inc., takes full responsibility of staff dedicated to your outsourcing needs. We ensure that the dedicated staff lives up to your expectations by constantly monitoring their work and your feedback and ensure you get the desired output with minimal inputs.