Data Modeling

Advance Infotech offers consulting on using explicit statistical or artificial intelligence techniques for data modeling. Very often the challenge for successful data modeling is not in identifying the right software package to use but in identifying a company with the right skills to do the R&D.

Advance Infotech works with its clients to understand the domain specific characteristic of their problem before embarking on numerical experiments that can span a wide spectrum of modeling techniques. An explicit statistical model may be more suitable for a government department trying to model the behavior of users of its services, while a credit card company may find that artificial neural networks can better capture the characteristics of users close to default. Our consulting services include data cleaning and warehousing, R&D on the applicability of various models to the problem at hand and the design and implementation of turnkey solutions.

When an enterprise’s raw data can be turned into strategic information, the benefit to the organization is overwhelming. A database built on a solid logical design, and conversion of that logical model into an efficient physical design is the basis for achieving the competitive edge that companies need in our fast changing world.

Key Benefits

  • Experience in logical data modeling
  • Experience in data design normalization
  • Experience in converting logical data designs into efficient physical databases
  • Capabilities
    Advance Infotech has worked on the logical design for large development efforts in some of the major corporations in the country. We have been present for the life cycle of implementations, taking the logical models the whole way through to physical implementation. We know how to make the logical really work in the physical, performance oriented, and world of business operations.
  • Logical Data Modeling

Advance Infotech will work with you to analyze and translate your business into a logical data model showing relationships of company functions and the procedures that accomplish them.

  • Data Design Normalization

Advance Infotech will help you translate your business model into a logical design showing the relationships of business information in such a way that it can be readily transformed into a physical design.

  • Conversion of Logical to Physical Design

Advance Infotech can take you that final step of converting the logical design to a physical database design. We understand the technical needs as well as the business needs and can act as the bridge between the business analyst and the database administrator.