Our Process starts with understanding our client’s needs and delivering the right resources, consistently. 

Diagnosis: We start by listening to you our client, about your IT requirements. Our focus is on understanding you & your business. We don’t ‘push’ what we have, instead we listen and understand what combination of staffing, project management or consulting capabilities you will require to meet your IT business needs. 

Deliver: Once the understanding is complete, we deliver top quality IT service professionals rapidly. Our extensive database of key employees, top performers and experts across the wide range of IT applications, architecture and processes allows us the unique ability to rapidly fulfill your needs. We work with a mix of permanent employees and contractors, all subscribing to the same high standards and the to the same values: Trust, Integritry and Confidence.

 Talent Management: Talent management is a key component of our staffing services business. This involves both the sourcing of that talent and the management and growth of our contributors over time. We believe in the power of people. Our core principles guide us in the selection of our team, and that in turn is offered to our clients as a service. We take care of our team and view our ‘Family’, rather than just another IT job. The difference will be clearly visible in the quality of the work you receive, and the commitment and dedication to your success that you can see and feel.

Finding the best people to augment your staff is always a challenge. We have pioneered in IT staffing process that has enabled us to successfully do just that for the past two decades:

Our strong dedicated recruiting team employs high standards to find qualified contract IT professionals for a wide range of verticals including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, pharma, and management consulting firms.